Linux Internet Cafe in Toronto, Canada

If you are traveling in Toronto, check out the Linux Caffe — a cafe run entirely with Linux and Free open source software.

Newsforge also has an article about LinuxCaffe:

When Patrick and family finally opened the doors to the linuxcaffe in June 2005, he had lived up to his goal of 100% open source. The business runs Ubuntu Linux on five servers. The point-of-sale server runs the L'âne POS application on a Celeron 700, with a Javelin Wedge P150 touch screen thin client terminal. There's also a media server on a Pentium 4 that runs the jukebox, videos, and webcams; a Pentium 3 development server running Asterisk and anything else they're testing; and the "burn unit," Patrick's nickname for the Pentium 3 machine that is dedicated to burning CDs and DVDs for clients.

Patrick and his employees gleefully burn and distribute free Linux CDs to anyone who shows an interest. In a post at the linuxcaffe blog, he tells the story of a young Rwandan girl who saw the shop's marquee promoting Ubuntu Linux, came in to inform them that Ubuntu 4U meant "free for you" in her language, and walked out carrying her very own official copy of Ubuntu.

Wi-Fi access is free at the café, but visitors may also rent a computer while they're there. "We've standardized on ThinkPad 600s for rental units," Patrick says, "and they run beautifully as thin clients. The great thing about it is they're inexpensive [and] customers feel special because they're using a laptop."

If you are looking for an Internet cafe in Toronto, check out Linux Caffe at 326 Harbord Street.