Internet Cafes That Run Linux Computers


There are Internet cafes that run Linux on their computers. There are also many Internet cafes that will let you boot from live CDs.

If you run an Internet cafe or are thinking about starting one, Linux is a way for you to reduce costs and to reduce time spent fighting viruses.

There is a free open-source POS system for Internet cafes that runs on Linux (and Windows) computers called Zeiberbude. Also check out the ZoneCD, a Linux live CD that can help you set up a free wifi hotspot in as little as one hour. A section of resources for Internet cafe owners is coming soon.

If you are in Cape Town, South Africa, check out this Internet cafe that runs Debian GNU/Linux, Cafe Erte. There is also Speed Net Club, a Linux-based Internet cafe in Bangkok, Thailand. A worldwide directory of Linux-friendly Internet access points around the world is coming soon!