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Internet Explorer is not very secure and if you use it you may end up with a lot of unwanted spyware. Firefox is a free alternative browser that prevents a lot of problems caused by Internet Explorer.

Why Internet Explorer is Unsafe

Internet Explorer is unsafe partly becuase it uses a feature called ActiveX that can allow software to install on your computer without your permission. A current list of Internet Explorer security flaws can be found on Secunia's Vunerability Report. More information about why Internet Explorer is unsafe can be found on

Use Firefox Instead

Get Firefox!

The best solution is to download the Firefox browser and not use Internet Explorer. Firefox was PC World Magazine's product of the year, ranked in Forbes Magazine Best of the Web, and is an Editors' Choice in PC Magazine.

Firefox Resources

Firefox is very easy to install and use. Just download the program by clicking on the image above and double-click on the downloaded file. Follow the simple directions and Firefox will be installed. If you would like more detailed installation instructions you can use the Firefox installation guide.

If you want to know about some of Firefox's more advanced features, try the Firefox Tweak Guide and the official Firefox FAQs pages.